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The ReNew Dryer and Refresher DB-100 is designed to dry your IEMs by using gentle dry heat that effectively removes moisture without overheating your electronics.

Moisture is the leading cause of failure in IEMs and other sensitive audio equipment. Moisture degrades your IEMs and their function, and can also cause bacteria growth, causing earaches and skin problems. Once the moisture leaves your IEMs, the ventilated design moves moisture outside of the box without the need of desiccant.

The amount of time needed to completely refresh your IEMs varies. A lot of it is dependent on the humidity of your location and weather. The DB-100 features 3 dry time settings to accommodate different humidity levels: High humidity (Hi Hum) = 8hrs., Normal = 4 hrs., Low humidity (Lo Hum) = 2 hrs. Once you turn on the DB-100, it will stop automatically, according to the setting you have selected. If you would like to extend the drying process even longer, simply turn it on again for another refresh session.

Overview & Features:

  1. Regular use extends the life of expensive IEMs, hearing aids and cochlear implants
  2. Uses dry, gentle heat and air convection to dehumidify, refresh, and sanitize.
  3. Removes harmful surface moisture and UV-light inhibits bacterial growth.
  4. Eco-friendly and more cost-efficient than chemicals or desiccants.
  5. Compact, lightweight, portable, and easy to open.
  6. Built-in hearing aid battery tester and simple, one-touch operation.
  7. Holds two pairs of hearing instruments at a time.
  8. Includes Universal AC adapter (110-240V).

$ 85.00

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