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Care and Maintenance

How to Clean your IEMs After Use

Wax buildup and moisture are the biggest things that can cause issues with the monitors. Keeping them clean and dry will keep the IEMs in their best working condition.

To begin cleaning the IEMs, wipe down the outside of the pieces with a soft towel or microfiber rag and a bit of rubbing alcohol. The alcohol will break up and clean any wax or dirt on the shell and also help evaporate any excess moisture on the IEM.

Periodically, remove the cable and clean the sockets. The socket area is a prime spot for corrosion to occur due to sweat. If this area is left unattended, corrosion will build up and ruin the socket, and possibly the cable. (Note that repairs due to damage from corrosion are not covered under our warranty.) You can clean the cable the same as the outer shells of the earpieces. A soft towel and rubbing alcohol will help remove sweat and keep the cable in good condition. Clear cables will eventually turn green due to Oxidation, a natural process that occurs when the wires are repeatedly exposed to sweat. This “greening” of the wire will not affect the sound or quality of the cable.

To better maintain the inside of the IEMs, you can use the loop styled end of the supplied cleaning tool. This loop will help you reach any wax or dirt that has built up in the shallow part of the canal. Please be advised that there are soft tubes and several filters that are used to regulate driver output inside the sound bores, and if one of those tubes or filters is punctured, it will affect the sound quality. We do not advise inserting any foreign, non-approved object down into the sound bores in the canals.

For deeper cleaning, we recommend using a Jodi Vac. It is a small vacuum cleaner with a dull “needle” end on it. This can be safely and gently inserted into the IEMs to help remove deeper wax. Never insert any kind of liquid or other cleaning agents into the IEM.

Lastly, if the monitors are being used in a situation where moister or sweat is a big factor, never put the IEMs directly back into the case. Let them air out and dry for a bit. When you do put them back into the case, try to also include a small dehumidifier or silica packet. This will help draw moisture away from the drivers and out of the canal.

Professional Cleaning Service

If your JH IEM needs a Professional Deep Cleaning, please LOGIN to your account to submit a Warranty and Repair request or contact us directly!