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Why get a JH Audio™ Custom IEM?

Start your custom journey with a visit to one of our Preferred Audiologists who will take a physical mold of your ears. Once we receive your ear molds, they are hand-shaped and then used to create the shells for your IEMs. Our experienced Lab Technicians will assemble and tune your IEMs within an industry standard of +/- 1 dB of our reference curve of your chosen model, designed by IEM Industry Pioneer, Jerry Harvey.

The most important requirement to achieve the full performance capabilities of any IEM is getting a proper fit and seal. Even with advancements in Universal Fit IEMs, such as the groundbreaking JH Performance Series shell design, nothing can match the fit, seal, and 26db of isolation of a JH Audio™ CIEM. With a superior seal, you will be immersed in the full, rich bass, striking natural midrange, and details in the high frequencies that will have you hearing nuances in your favorite music like never before.

Audio performance and comfort are not the only advantages of a JH Custom IEM. Using our IEM Designer, choose from a myriad of shell and faceplate colors and materials, and even send us custom artwork to create a truly personal one of a kind IEM!