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Welcome to a new era of Ambient IEM technology. Using Ambient Pro, engineers have complete control of the artist's mix using state-of-the-art omnidirectional capsules by DPA Microphones. This system transmits Stereo directly to the console and back to the artist for a pristine, natural live sound.

Ambient Pro features our Sheena, utilizing 8-balanced armatures per side with a true 4-way crossover and is modeled around the all-new RDU Dual Supertweeter, which produces an extended treble response. Sheena offers a detailed, well-rounded sound signature with a punchy low-end and smooth mid-range. The new RDU delivers a wide stereo imagery and a stunning open top-end for high-range reproduction.

Precision engineering and optimization of the Core by DPA capsule technology have created a subminiature that significantly outperforms all other mics in their class – and beyond. So now, you don’t have to compromise on sound to focus on aesthetics. Stainless steel construction makes the mic extremely durable. It can tolerate high temperatures and is resilient against impacts and resistant to abrasion. In addition, strain relief is integrated into the mic housing to strengthen the assembly.

These subminiatures have a lower noise floor than any other 3 mm capsule on the market, and they can better capture high sound pressure levels without distortion, offering a noise floor of only 26 dB(A).

The Ambient Pro IEM system MUST be paired with the Lectrosonics DCHT Transmitter and DCR822 Digital Receiver. Lectrosonics Bundle available for $5,999.00 via 3D Designer.

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Starting at $ 2,799.00


Freq|phase™ Technology creates the most phase accurate IEMs on the market by correcting misalignment caused by low, mid, and high frequencies traveling to your ear at different speeds.


Omnidirectional High SPL Subminiature capsule offering a noise floor of only 26dB(A). Stainless steel construction makes the mic extremely durable.


Acoustic Sound Chamber™ is a 3D printed, recessed tubing system that is the first of its kind, keeping sweat at bay and alleviating the need for excessive cleaning.


  • 8 Balanced Armature Drivers Per Side
  • Dual Low, Dual Mid, Dual High, Dual Supertweeter
  • True 4-way Integrated Crossover (Passive)
  • All-New Proprietary RDU Dual Supertweeter
  • High Purity OFC 4N Silver-plated Litz Wire Cable
  • Freqphase Time & Phase Waveguide
  • Acoustic Sound Chamber
  • Input Connector: 1/8" (3.5mm), Gold-Plated
  • Integrated 4-way Crossover


  • Frequency Response: 10 Hz to 25 kHz
  • Impedence: 12 Ω
  • Input Sensitivity: 117 dB @ 1mW
  • Noise Isolation: -26 dB



  • Directional Pattern - Omnidirectional
  • Frequency Response - 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Impedance - 40 Ohms
  • Sensitivity - 6 mV/Pa at 1 Hz
  • Dynamic Range - Typ. 102 dB
  • Max SPL, THD 10% - 144 dB SPL peak
  • IP58 Certified Dust & Moisture Resistant

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