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The Jerry Harvey Story

St Louis, Missouri, the birthplace of Chuck Berry, T-Bone Burnett, Scott Joplin and Budweiser can also boast Jerry Harvey as one of its native sons. Born and raised in this musical Midwest hub, Jerry grew up with a passion for Music and a flare for Audio. That passion and eagerness to learn allowed him to turn running sound in local venues into touring with some of the biggest names in Music history.

In 1994-1995, in-ear monitor technology was in its infancy and not in widespread use in touring as it is today. As Van Halen’s monitor engineer, Jerry was presented with a challenge to find technology that would work for drummer Alex Van Halen. He began to investigate and then to innovate. After trying (and quickly discarding) the available in-ear options, Jerry funneled his experience tuning large arena sound systems and engineered the first 2-way, custom-fit earpiece just for Alex.

Van Halen couldn’t have been happier with the result, and word spread to other artists and engineers on the tour and further to others on the road. Before long, Harvey founded his own company, Ultimate Ears, designing and manufacturing in-ear monitors for touring musicians, crew, and soon audiophiles. Through focusing on innovation, cutting-edge design, and exceptional audio quality his IEMs quickly became the industry standard. In 2005 Logitech acquired Ultimate Ears. Jerry continued to work as one of the top Monitor Engineers in the touring industry.


As an avid private pilot since 2003, Jerry set his sights on the skies and that’s where his new company, Jerry Harvey Audio, got its start in 2007. Jerry designed and manufactured three models of groundbreaking communication in-ear headsets for private pilots. His designs were custom fit, as an IEM is, and offered effective, comfortable ear protection, clearer in-flight communication, and unparalleled sound. The aviation line was discontinued in 2010 to refocus on music.

Back to the Music

By 2009, the Professional Touring industry was looking for fresh IEM designs and Jerry obliged with the Jerry Harvey Audio Pro Series. The JH13 and JH16 Custom IEMS blew away the Pro and Audiophile markets and in the next 3 years Jerry Harvey again became the dominant force in pro IEM audio. The development of the Siren Series Roxanne, the first 12 Driver IEM, with its unheard of dynamic range, phase accuracy, and independent adjustable bass turned the Industry on its ears once again!

Universal Fit

Jerry Harvey and team have targeted the ever-growing one-size-fits-all Consumer IEM Market with the release of the much-heralded Roxanne™ IEM in a universal fit option. Universal fit IEMs, in general, do not have the performance of customs and fit can be a problem. Jerry knew he could improve size and shape after years of creating CIEM’s. He looked at the best attributes of CIEM fit and completely redesigned the universal shell with a 40% smaller size and custom-like fit and seal. This improvement not only took their performance to a new level, but also increased their wearability immeasurably. The Performance Series Universal Fit IEM Series includes the 13v2, 16v2, and Roxanne.


Drawing inspiration from the world’s foremost watchmakers, tattoo artists, knife craftsmen, among others, Jerry has pushed to make his IEMs “look as cool as they sound.” With this in mind, JH Audio offers IEMs handcrafted from exotic materials such as Carbon Fiber, Titanium, and polished Stainless Steel, with more to come!

Now and the Future

Jerry Harvey Audio now offers eight Custom Fit IEM models and three Universal fit models. Jerry’s quest for perfection through innovation continues.


From the day Jerry Harvey turned his focus to creating an IEM for Alex Van Halen to use on stage, he has been advancing the art and science of Custom In-Ear Monitors (CIEMs).

While Jerry would be the first one to admit he did not invent the CIEM, he is credited with inventing the first multi-driver CIEM. Through his inventions, he has made significant strides in advancing IEM technology and changing the industry from rare use of IEMs to today’s norm of everyone from local bands to the largest touring acts in the world having a set or two in their gearbox.

The most demanding clientele, the Professional Touring Musician, have fueled Jerry’s drive for innovation. With Ultimate Ears, and now Jerry Harvey Audio, Jerry’s unprecedented access to those who create the music we all covet has fueled his drive to not only answer the needs of this industry, but to push beyond their wildest expectation for performance and fidelity.

Some of Jerry’s Notable Accomplishments:

  • 1995
    • 1st Dual BA IEM
    • UE5: Single Low, Single High BA, 2-way crossover
  • 1998
    • 1st Dual Low BA Design
    • 1st Triple BA IEM
      • UE7: Dual Low BA, Single High BA, 2-way crossover
  • 2004
    • 1st Hybrid Design IEM UE5EB: Single low diaphragm, single BA, 2-way crossover
  • 2006
    • 1st Band Pass Subdual BA
    • 1st Quad BA IEM UE11: Dual Low BA, Single Mid BA, Single High BA, 2-way crossover
  • 2009
    • 1st Dual High BA Design
    • 1st Dual Mid BA Design
    • 1st Six BA IEM
      • JH13: Dual High BA, Dual Mid BA, Dual Low BA, 3-way crossover
  • 2010
    • 1st Quad Low BA Design
    • 1st Eight BA IEM
      • JH16: Quad Low BA, Dual Mid BA, Dual High BA, 3-way crossover
  • 2011
    • 1st Tri-amp Inverse Active Crossover Amplifier
      • JH3A Amplifier
  • 2012
    • 1st Time and phase Wave Guide
      • freq|phase™
    • Popular Science Invention of the Year – JH13Pro/JH16Pro
  • 2013
    • 1st Quad High BA Design
    • 1st Quad Mid BA Design
    • 1st Bass Adjustable IEM Cable
    • 1st 4-pin Locking Connector
    • 1st 12 BA IEM
    • Siren Series Roxanne™: Quad Low BA, Quad Mid BA and Quad High BA, 3-way crossover


In his drive to constantly innovate Jerry has been awarded multiple groundbreaking U.S. Patents that have done more to define the direction of the IEM industry than any of his peers to date, with many more patents pending.

  • 9,197,960 Phase correcting canalphone system and method
  • 9,172,180 Canalphone coupler system and method
  • 9,161,128 Adjustable canalphone system
  • 8,925,674 Phase correcting canalphone system and method
  • 8,897,463 Dual high frequency driver canalphone system
  • 8,567,555 Dual bore canalphone system

With the new era of High-Resolution Digital Audio Players, no one was positioned as well Jerry Harvey Audio. Professional Audio engineers were already mixing in 24/96 and higher and Jerry had anticipated the call for higher performance. Jerry’s passion for innovation, and drive for perfection is stronger then ever. Stay tuned to see what he’s up to next!

Handcrafted in the USA

JH Audio Custom and Universal fit IEMs are built in Orlando, Florida. Each set is assembled by hand using our proprietary drivers, crossover components, as well as custom finished including Carbon Fiber to create the most beautiful sounding earpieces.

We are proud to manufacture our in-ears by using old school craftsmanship, while using the most cutting edge Technology.

Jerry Harvey Audio. Hand crafted, never mass-produced.

JH Customer Service

Jerry Harvey Audio has had the privilege to create IEMs for the biggest touring artists in the world. A very demanding industry, to say the least! We know that superior audio performance is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to choosing a new In-Ear Monitor company and we pride ourselves on sustaining a level of customer service that is beyond reproach. We know that when it comes to being on stage at showtime or an escape during a long flight around the world, you need IEMs that you can depend on. When it comes to service, both before and after the sale, we treat our customers like one of the family!

Repair Service

Our skilled technicians evaluate your repair needs and work with you to ensure that your IEMs are working when you need them. Whether you stepped on one while dancing your heart out or your set is just in need of a deep cleaning to remove wax build-up, our goal is to return your IEMs to you better than before, and as quickly as possible. If you have a current repair need, please contact us!