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Keep your IEMs in top shape with the Jodi-Vac Consumer Hearing Aid Vacuum. Designed for in-home use, Jodi-Vac effectively cleans cerumen and debris from hearing instruments. 

1 year warranty for personal use (Needles and filters are not included in 1 yr warranty)Note: Warranty is void if filter is tampered with or damage is incurred through abuse, dropping, or poor packaging on user's part should factory servicing be required.

  1. Suction power is rated at 18 inches of Mercury
  2. Internals operate on 12VDC and power Supply is desktop style of 100/240Vac, 50/60Hz.
  3. Simple ON/OFF switch operation
  4. Attached tubing is coiled and may be extended to approximately 2 foot reach
  5. Wax collects in filter and home use should get 6 months service
  6. Easy to clean, and Filter is replaceable
  7. A ball located behind the filter is used as a flow indicator

NOTE: Jodi-Consumer offers less suction power than the Jodi-Pro. Jodi-Consumer offers a 1 year warranty, while the Jodi-Pro offers a 3 year warranty.

$ 100.00

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